Gastronomy tours

Gastronomy tours

The cuisine of the Volga Tatars takes its origin from the cuisine of the Volga Bulgars, who once were nomads, but nearly 1500 years ago turned to agriculture and assimilated into local agricultural societies.Tatar cuisine was influenced by the surrounding peoples – Russians, Mari, Udmurts, and also peoples of Central Asia, especially Uzbeks and Tajiks. Dishes such as pilaw , halvah, and sherbet  entered long ago into the Tatar culture. Tatars became familiar with many elements of Russian cuisine early in their history. However, culinary influences and greater variety of products have not changed the basic ethnic features of Tatar cuisine but have instead made it more diverse.

1st day
Arriving in Kazan. Transfer to the hotel. Leaving luggage in the hotel.
Lunch near the hotel.
Tour around Kazan: with visit of Church of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross (Krestovozdvizhenskaya Church), where now is held a miracle working icon of the Kazan Godmother, brought back from Vatican, with seeing of Kazan state university Complex (former imperial university), Kazan Arbat street, Peterburzhskaya street, Sukonnaya Sloboda (Cloth suburb),Hall of Nobility, Opera and Ballet Theater, Freedom Square, Kazan National Cultural Centre, Concert hall named after S. Saidashev and many other sights of Kazan.

2nd day
breakfast in the hotel.
Get the most out of your vacation in Kazan with the Kazan City Walking Tour and Cooking Class.Your cooking lesson takes place in the fully equipped kitchen.
After sightseeing tour you will be offered a delicious lunch.
"History of Kazan streets" walking tour. During this tour you will get to know why the Bauman Street is called "Kazan Arbat" and the history of the first Kazan Street. You will see the Church where F. Shalyapin was baptized, the monument to him, the building of state bank where Russian gold reserve was held, the Drama theatre, the House of print, Tatar "walk of fame", you will be able to take pictures of yourself in the carriage of Ekaterina II. And compare the sight of the Peterburgskaya Street with the Nevskij prospect. Walking through the Kremlevskaya street you would wonder the beauties of Aleksandrovkiy and Chernoyarovskiy Arcades, would notice the unique beauty of Ushakova's private residence that is now the main building of National library and many other things.Kazan Kremlin walking tour. Kazan Kremlin is an open-air museum added to UNESCO's list. It is a tour to the complex "Kazan Kremlin" with stories about the beginning of Kazan Kermen, attacks on Kremlin, towers and walls. You would have a unique opportunity to visit one of the most beautiful mosques of Russia and the biggest in Europe – Kul-Sharif, hear namaz, get to know the legend about Suyumbike falling tower and story of its foundation, to visit Blagoveschensky Cathedral, where the miracle icon of Kazan God's mother was blessed, to walk through the walls of Kazan Kremlin, see the burials of Kazan Khans, Gubernatorial Palace, Complex of public offices and many other things. During the excursion tourists visit the museum of Islam Culture inside the Kul-Sharif Mosque. It is the only museum in Russia dedicated to the culture and history of Islam. There is the history of Islam development from the times of Volga Bulgaria. Among the exhibits you can see first printed versions of Koran in Russia of XIX century and modern ones. In the museum you can got to know the history of famous 16 predictors, whose manes can be seen in the religious writings of Hebrews and Christians.
National tatar soup "lapsha" with many spicy you will make during master cooking classes:
Lapsha  was adopted by Russians from Tatars, and after some transformation became widespread in Russia.

3d day
Today you will taste the real home cooking! A traditional Tatar dessert that is also popular in other parts of Russia and in nearby countries is Chak-Chak popular Tatar sweet cake.Tatar cuisine is one of the eldest and the most creative.Traditions and recipes were being collected by Tatarians for centuries.
In the evening, you are invited to the tatar national restaurant.

breakfast 09.00 Excursion to the Bazaar, nowadays National Museum of The Republic of TatarstanThe museum fund has more than 700 000 of cultural artifacts of different nations of the world and Tatarstan. The exposition of the museum will familiarize you with history, geography and culture of Tatarstan and Kazan. Here you would see collection of coins and fineries of the Golden Horde times, carriage of Ekaterina II – Russian empress and many other interesting exhibits.Old-Tatar suburb (in search of Kazan khans' riches) during this excursion you will get to know the history of Old-Tatar suburb (Starotatarskaya Sloboda), legendary Kaban lake, you would see landmarks, guest houses, granges of Tatar merchants, Squares of singing fountains, Tatar Theatre named after G. Kamal, you will also visit one of the first mosques "Margani", build after the permission of Ekaterina II and "Azimovskaya" mosque – one of the most beautiful pre-revolutionary mosques of the city. You will get to know history of Old-Tatar suburb, its origin, legends about Kazan khans' riches, you will see Kaban lake, embankment of the river, guest houses, granges of Tatar merchants: Yunusov, Apakov, Apanaev, Yusupov and others history of mosques. You will visit Margani mosque, Azimovskaya" mosque and others

4th day
Raifa Fairytale coach tour The Virgin Monastery of Raifa (XVII-XIX centures), miracle icon of Georgian God's Mother, the most little chapel in Europe for the martyrs Vera (faith), Nadezhda (hope), Lyubov (love) and their mother Sofia-Troitskaya, church for the name of Holy Fathers, a walk around the Raifa lake. You will take a view of the Virgin Kizichesky Monastery which was founded in 1691 by Adrian the Moscow Patriarch who until 1690 were the Kazan Bishop. The name Kazichesky means Holy Martyrs of Cyzicus. In this monastery Ilya Andreevich Tolstoy the grandfather of Lev Tolstoy was buried.On your way you will see theTemple of All Religions· Excursion to the Sviyazhsk Island- Fortress of Ivan the Terrible. It is the first orthodox town in the Middle Povolzhie region, founded in 1551 by the Russian Tsar Ivan the TerribleThe excursion includes visiting of the oldest medieval churches, that are famous for the uniqueness of its frescos (the Church of the Saint Trinity, Sergiy Radonezhskiy the miracle-worker Church, the Cathedral of Our lady of all Sorrowful, Chapel, the Cathedral Dormition of Virgin Mary, the Church of Saint Konstantin and Helen).

5th day
Leisure time.
(Accommodation is till 12:00. Prolongation of the accommodation is for extra pay).

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